Oct 1, 2015

Who will cry when you die

If we have to define or rather explain what living is then I suppose their would be endless possibilities of explanations to it. It can be either living for self or for your loved ones or for anybody you feel about. In the end what matters is the way of living. As simple it might sound, its equally complex to explain.

Few days back, I came across this phrase "Who will cry when you die" which was supposed to be a very famous book by a well known leadership advisor Robin Sharma.

This made me think, is it really a point of concern? I agree that this book deals with some leadership lessons which guide us to mend our ways of living so as to create a life worth legacy but are we really to be concerned about who will cry.

I mean, what's our doing in when we are alive? To make sure that our loved ones stay happy & keep smiling always. And once we die they surely gonna be sad at heart and that void created by our death will be a permanent ache or temporary for some.

Why!!!! When we have spend whole life in order to keep that one smile intact. A single death & all gone in vain. And what we are worried is who will cry on our death. Instead why can't we focus upon to keep that smile alive irrespective of our presence. I know its tough because somewhere that pain of separation will be a prick to happiness but lets just intensify the happiness in someone's life that it fades away the pain.


Sep 25, 2015

Sacrifice vs Murder

Today marks the holy day of Id-ul-Azha (Bakr-id). My best wishes to all across the globe. 

Few days back I came across a news which appealed to not to kill cows as its a holy deity in our religion. 

That brings in the thought,

"A certain species of animals should not be killed because it is holy but isn't that killing any life is a sin?"

We kill buffaloes in the name of sacrifice to gods & goddesses but I hope you haven't forget its the symbol of Yam (death god). Won't killing a buffalo will make him angry and if he gets angry who will save you from death?

Rather lets not talk specific animal but in general sense. Is taking up any life in the name of sacrifice as per any religious customs  is justified? God created this world, he created every individual with his own hand be it human, animal, plant or anything. And if you kill any creature in the name of sacrifice presuming god will be happy & will forgive all of your sins then sorry my friend but you are wrong. Its not a repentance but another act of sin which is being performed.

In-fact, butchers/hunters are far better than you. Even if they kill a life (be it any reason viz. pleasure, food, fun,etc.) at-least they don't give it the name of god.

So be it any occasion irrespective of religion,  killing a creature is a murder and no holy sacrifice.

In the end I just want to appeal to all of you.

Don't be a blind follower of customs. Understand meaning behind it. If it is wrong, go ahead change it, fix it.

Signing off !!! Happy Id-ul-Azha

P.S.- By the way, plants also have life, so if you hate Non-vegans just because they are murders so are you. Just because plants can't express their pain doesn't mean you aren't killing a life.

*This post doesn't intend to hurt any religious sentiments or feelings. Its just a share of thought which I have observed around me.

May 17, 2011

BALD & Beautiful(Doubtful...:-P)

call it the DHONI effect or the effect of 45+ temperature, that the boys who were having long silky strands of hair dropping down there head(like our very own sallu bhai) have clean there field due to the sweaty summers. some have clean shaven their head whereas some have switch back to ghajini style.. you can call this as KHAN SWITCH OVER i.e. from sallu khan to apna very own ghajini khan.. it is quite surprised to see two or three new bald faces daily roaming around in the campus.. initially i use to think that they had a tragedy in their home, but when it became the daily routine then i realized whats the real thing is..
thankfully i never gone into this kind of big switch as i was never comfortable with long hairs... but its good to see new shining faces or clearly speaking shining head cos the shine on faces are already lost due to back-to-back exams, so whatever shine they can show is on their head..
it is being truly said that hairstyle changes like season but here it would be correct to say that "hairstyle changes WITH seasons"... OK frnz... that's all for now from my side... hope you enjoyed this bald with beauty experience with me... oops... just bald not beauty cos i couldn't find any beauty in this... so for now... Bye .... see you soon... until then, keep smiling...

P.S.:- BTW WHAT'S YOUR STYLE THIS SUMMER???????????....:-P... :-D...

May 13, 2011

The Beginning

hello readers...
so with this blog I'm starting my world of blogging. I'm not a pro writer or something like that, just an amateur in this field.. so i need your help in improving my blogging. keep visiting and keep responding to my posts.. if you feel anything wrong, be frank and open to speak on it.. every comment with be equally important and appreciated.. your response will be a huge encouragement.. And if you feel that i should stop writing anytime then to say it up...Lolzzz... but don't worry, I'll try not to write that bad..